Win32Forth 6.14

Win32Forth is a public domain, Forth language application development system
6.14.4 (See all)

Win32Forth is a public domain, ANS compatible, Forth language application development system. It was initially written by Andrew McKewan, Tom Zimmer, Robert Smith and Jim Schneider during 1994 and 1995, and released into the public domain (with the exception of Jim Schneider's assembler which was under the GPL). Win32Forth is a FAT (as in BIG) system, adhering to the philosophy that if some tools are good, many tools must be better. It includes an interactive console and an integrated extensible source level debugger. Editing of source text is facilitated by the included WinEd hypertext file editor, which allows easy exploration of the many mega-bytes of source code that makes up Win32Forth.

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